Divorce Breakthroughs vs Breakdowns

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How To Regain Balance In Your Life After A Divorce

Which is worse, Divorce or the turmoil it creates for us?

Going through a divorce creates a lack of balance in our lives, and that lack of balance is a silent killer.

On the outside it effects our self confidence and our ability to have a great relationship, but the stress we go through also creates a lack of balance in our health.

All of this makes us less productive, less motivated and far less healthy (mentally and physically).

Unfortunately most people try to fix this with major shifts in their lives - like trying to find another love of their life, or burying themselves in their work ...but that never works!

Giant shifts never work in getting back balance.

What does work is taking small actions that create quantum changes...

But what actions should you take?

Everyone and every situation is different but when you discover the few actions that will work for you personally - you’ll be amazed at how much more productive, more motivated and more balanced you become.

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