Business Breakthroughs vs Breakdowns

If your company growth has plateaued, it’s probably because your brain is not firing on all cylinders.

Top CEO’s know that when they feel balance in their life, business and personal growth comes far easier. And this process is simple when you follow a strategic, tactical, proven plan to balance and accelerate your business and personal growth.

Donald Wong International is a thinktank system and consulting for high growth entrepreneurs to boost business productivity, work life balance.

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Anxiety and stress are responsible for the vast majority of diseases and disconnection from business growth; they contribute substantially to absenteeism; they compromise creativity; and they diminish the enjoyment of life.

In today's business environment, hurry and worry conspire to decrease focus, impair performance, and create physical symptoms ranging from migraine headaches to immune disorders.

As an executive coach, Donald works at the intersection of people and business. He understands both, and helps leaders execute business strategy through people and helps leaders chart the course for their own career as well. He offers proven, practical steps leaders can take to improve their effectiveness, and the effectiveness of their people and their organization. He is straightforward and direct. He tells leaders what works in specific situations, not what they necessarily want to hear, with only one agenda: to move them and their organizations forward and to help them accomplish their goals.

As a speaker, what makes Donald special is his ability to engage audiences: his warmth, his humor, his content, his ability to get people to absorb his message and put it to use. More than anything, Donald is genuine. His storytelling, examples and exercises are authentic and bring his principles to life in a way few other communicators can.

Within minutes, Donald will have your team re-focused and on track for top performance. In his stories, you'll discover the essential skills of life balance and how to set your priorities straight and restored optimum health.

Your team will walk away with simple, practical tools for being effective at work, happy at home, and immune to burnout and stress.


Topics Include:

   The Balanced Entrepreneur
   From Stress To Strength - How To Banish Burnout And Get Re-Energized
   How To Stay Sane While You're Working Like Crazy
   Re-fueling Passion at Work And In Life
   Mastering Change During Acquisitions and Mergers
   Relieving Workplace Stress: Rx for a Healthier Bottom Line
   The Power of Balanced Partnerships

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