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If your company growth has plateaued, it’s probably because your brain is not firing on all cylinders.

Top CEO’s know that when they feel balance in their life, business and personal growth comes far easier. And this process is simple when you follow a strategic, tactical, proven plan to balance and accelerate your business and personal growth.

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Forcing yourself to "unplug", and why it's good for you and your business

With communication technology evolving so rapidly over the past decade, finding a balance between work and life is becoming increasingly difficult, and the divide is constantly being becoming more and more blurry. With a nonstop number of emails streaming directly to your phone, and the ability to bring vast amounts of work related information and software tools home on your laptop, or through an Internet connection, it can be extremely difficult to keep the workplace and home separate.

It very reasonably may seem that constantly being connected to your work or business might make you a more productive professional or entrepreneur. But, that’s actually far from the truth. In fact, failing to keep a firm separation between your personal and professional lives can have dire consequences for both your productivity, and your ability to grow as an entrepreneur or executive.

Why allowing work to creep into your personal time is counterproductive...

It can be difficult to recognize sometimes, but in a professional setting - one in which our value is determined by the effects of our decisions - our productivity is not a simple function of hours worked. With that in mind, our decision-making ability is severely impacted by a number of factors including our stress levels, how well rested we are, and how much time we reflect on the choices we make. If we’re constantly connected at all times, we lose out on the ability to maintain a clear or attentive state of mind, which directly and very negatively impacts our critical thinking skills.

Failing to “unplug” and maintain a healthy balance between work and life can easily lead to a dangerously rising level of stress, which can stem from a variety of very logical causes, such as strained personal relationships and “occupational burnout”. Answering emails or working on presentations long into the night can crush any hope of being able to obtain an appropriately level of rest. In addition, failing to ever step away from our professional duties can also force us to miss out on the valuable opportunity to gain multiple perspectives on the problems which we’re responsible to solve at work.

For these reasons, keeping a solid separation between work and life is incredibly crucial. It’s needed to avoid the accumulation of stress, and in order to give our minds an opportunity to recharge their critical thinking ability and problem solving creativity.

How to remain diligently “unplugged”

Admittedly, “unplugging” at night isn’t the easiest thing to do in the demanding world of the executive or entrepreneur. However, these three tips might make it a bit more attainable.

1. Set a time, and stick to it – Much like when you had a “bedtime” each night as a child, set a solid time each night that you’ll shut down all of your work-related communications. Just make sure that you’re strict about it.

2. Keep your work and personal tech separate – In this day and age, many of our hobbies are tech based, from reading to streaming entertainment content. If possible, use a separate set of devices for your hobbies, and work use, in order to keep a firm separation between the two. In fact, recent studies have shown that cutting yourself from any type of tech at night may be beneficial.

3. Use an email auto responder each night – One of the biggest reasons that many of us find it so hard to unplug, is that we often expect instant gratification when it comes to digital communication, so we attempt to “return the favor” and respond to each and every email as soon as possible. By setting an auto response message that reads “Thank you for the message, but, I’ll be out of the office until tomorrow. I’ll get you a response as soon as possible”, is a great way to alleviate the pressure of constantly monitoring your inbox.

“Unplugging” is just one way to gain more business growth and productivity. We’ve developed a 2 minute quiz that pinpoints exactly what you need to work on in YOUR life to be your most productive. Use the link below to access this free 2 minute quiz and find out.

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