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Getting the most from your mobile device
3 “must do’s” for harnessing the power of the smart phone

Now that the smartphone has become the largest segment of the mobile market, it’s very likely that you’re already using one for both your personal and professional needs. But, are you making the most of all the potential it has to keep you moving like a well-oiled business machine, save yourself time, and maintain the always-precious life work balance?

If you’re not sure that the answer to that question is yes, here are three things you absolutely must address in order to harness the power of your smart phone, to ensure that you’re making the most of your high tech mobile device.

1) Keep yourself in “sync”

Once you receive your phone from IT or your service provider, it often comes ready-to-use, so many ignore the seemingly optional step of physically connecting it to their computers to complete the full set up process. As a result, the most common mistake that many professionals make, especially those who might not be extremely “tech savvy”, is to ignore the syncing capabilities of contact information, calendars, and to-do lists. This can lead to having multiple, and sometimes-contradictory schedules, and contacts, which can cause serious headaches, missed meetings, or lost networking opportunities.

By taking the minimal effort to allow your cell phone to regularly integrate with the information on your primary computer workstation, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll only be working off of one calendar and set of contact info. The exact steps required to do this can very depending on the software services you use, and the platform your phone runs on (usually iOS or Android), but are often as simple as connecting your phone to your computer, and following a few simple on screen prompts. Some of this may even be possible wirelessly, due to the advent of cloud-based services, however syncing in this fashion will require some more involved set ups.

2) Invest some time in setting up email filters.

The ability to send and receive email on the go is one of the greatest capabilities that the smartphone offers. However, most of us receive dozens upon dozens of emails a day, many that aren’t time sensitive or are just plain spam. As a result, the constant “dinging” of an unimportant email being downloaded to your phone can get unnecessarily distracting.

In order to avoid this momentum killing stream of annoyances, you can a set up filters on your inbox, that only allows emails from a select group of important individuals, that come from a certain source (say the lead generating contact form of your website), or contain certain words, to trigger your phone’s email ringer. This can go great lengths to prevent your smartphone from turning from a tool for productivity and into a non-stop stream of irrelevant, and attention diverting notifications.

Again, the exact methods of setting these filters up will vary based on your email service, or phone’s platform. However, the process is relatively intuitive, and will usually be well documented on the help sections of your email or cell phone providers website.

3) Explore the world of apps

While your smartphone’s most used features will likely be its email, messaging, and traditional phone functionality – in that order – a well-selected collection of “apps” can put a wealth of your business’s most important data at your finger tips, automate certain processes, and even allow you to turn your phone into a portable payment system. The convenience factor, and time saved through the use of these apps can be a much-needed asset when it comes to finding some life work balance.

There are numerous industry and function specific apps, which can provide you a wealth of on-the-go options, and will often be well worth the time it takes to research them, and learn how to use them. While the Internet is full of content from budding app services, which can make it difficult to determine which are truly functional and well-established, using the top “apps” list in the business section of your platform’s app store is often the most efficient place to start your search.

In addition to mobile devices, there are many other ways to improve productivity. We’ve developed a 2 minute quiz that pinpoints exactly what you need to work on in YOUR life to be your most productive. Use the link below to access this free 2 minute quiz and find out.

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