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How Regular Exercise Can Boost Your Profits

For some executives and business owners, especially those that struggle to balance work and life, freeing up time to regularly exercise may seem like a pipe dream. With the always-quickening pace of the modern business world, there is never any shortage of responsibilities to address, which can make it difficult to find even an extra half an hour a few times a week to get a decent workout in.

However, when you really look at the physical and mental benefits that regular exercise can provide, and break down how they can help you perform your duties as one of your organization’s key decision makers, it’s not difficult to see how the positive effects of maintaining a regular exercise regimen can easily outweigh the costs of not doing so. With that in mind, here are the five key benefits of regular physical activity, and how they can tangibly affect the profits that you can generate for both yourself, and your company.

1) Less Stress = Better Decisions

Let’s face it, the long hours and number of critical decisions that business owners and executives face on a daily basis can lead to an extremely stressful lifestyle. Once that stress starts building up, it can be hard to focus, and as a result, the quality of the choices we make can suffer.

Physical activity releases chemicals in the body that actively reduce the stress-related compounds that build up in the brain, which helps increase your ability to focus, and think in a clear headed manner.

2) Healthier habits means less sick days

Nothing can derail your momentum as a business owner or executive, more than missing work due to illness or other serious health issues. Regular exercise is known to provide a number of physical benefits, from promoting healthy sleeping habits to increasing cardiovascular health, which can help keep your immune system perform at its absolute best, and help alleviate the probability of other more critical health problems from occurring.

3) It gives you more energy to keep going

While it may seem a bit illogical due its rigorous nature, regular exercise is proven to increase overall energy levels, and a lack of physical activity actually helps promote feelings of lethargy on both the body and mind. By keeping a regular workout schedule, especially if it involves morning sessions, you’re much more likely to avoid the dreaded mid day productivity crash.

4) A Positive attitude is contagious

While it may be one of the more overlooked side effects of exercise, the endorphins (the chemicals that cause “happy” feelings) that physical activity releases might be its most enjoyable benefit. They enhance our mood, which can do powerful things for our leadership and sales ability. Positivity and enthusiasm is often contagious, and because of this, it’s much easier to influence potential clients and subordinates when we’re in a good mood.

5) It gives you precious reflection time

In the fast-paced modern business world, which makes it next to impossible to balance work and life, and find time to unwind, the time that we spend exercising gives us an excellent opportunity to focus on something other than the current task at hand – this is especially true of relatively passive forms of exercise like yoga or jogging. Taking advantage of this time to reflect on the decisions we’ve made, give us a valuable opportunity to learn from our previous successes and failures, which can help lead to better decision making down the road.

In order to reap the benefits of exercise, you don’t need to become a workout warrior, or even work out on a daily basis. Just a half hour 3 – 4 times a week, which can be as rigorous or relaxed as you feel comfortable with, is enough to start seeing a number of these improvements. However, always be sure to check with a physician before starting a new regimen, and most importantly, stick to it once you get going!

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